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Growing Plants

In this tutor led session learners investigate the factors affecting plant growth.

This session begins by leafing through the basics of plant parts before investigating what a plant needs to grow. Your class will dig deep into the world of seeds, planting their own to cultivate and investigate back at school.

This session is designed to reinforce and complement the Curriculum for Excellence, and depending on your classes level will focus on either SCN 0-03a, SCN 1-03a or SCN 2-03a. If there are particular themes you would like to emphasise, please let us know on the booking form, or arrange a chat with our Education Team.

Availability - All year

Duration - Approximately 45 minutes

Cost Per Learner - £5.00 (Accompanying Adults - Free)

Age Group Suitability - This workshop can be delivered at Early, First or Second levels

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  • I have helped to grow plants and can name their basic parts. I can talk about how they grow and what I need to do to look after them. SCN 0-03a


  • I can help to design experiments to find out what plants need in order to grow and develop. I can observe and record my findings and from what I have learned I can grow healthy plants in school. SCN 1-03a


  • I have collaborated in the design of an investigation into the effects of fertilisers on the growth of plants. I can express an informed view of the risks and benefits of their use. SCN 2-03a

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