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Schools Programmes

Our learning experiences are designed around the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, providing practical outdoor activities and access to experiences you can’t do in the classroom. 

What our Visits & Experiences Involve:

Our school programme runs Monday-Friday during term time.  

A typical school visit involves an hour long facilitated workshop, an hour for lunch and an hour of self-led discovery with teachers making use of our Teachers’ Kits (£5 per pupil)

We also offer self-led visits with space for lunch and the option to organise your own learning activities, or borrow one of our Teachers’ Kits (£3.50 per child)

Please note your visit will take place outside so we recommend your pupils dress for the Scottish weather.

All our tutor-led workshops can be delivered at Early, First or Second levels.  

Booking Information:

Please contact us by emailing with your preferred date of visit, workshop selection, curriculum level(s) of pupils and number of pupils attending.


Jurassic Bark

Your pupils will delve into deep time as they get hands on with fossils from Scotland. We’ll discover what fossils are, how they form and how we use fossils every day to power our cars and heat our homes.


PONDering Pondlife

Beneath the surface of our pond there is an unseen world of amazing biodiversity. So, let’s get dipping!


Poos & Pellets: Disgusting Digestion

Your class will have a HOOT learning about bodily functions, skeletons, food chains, and biodiversity as we get hands-on dissecting real owl pellets.