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Car Parking For Open Golf Championship

Date 10 July 2022

We are located on Canongate, a short walk from the Golf Open (20 minute walk) and has a limited number of parking spaces available to be pre-booked by visitors to the Open. The parking is available from 07:00-21:00, from Monday 11th July 2022 – Sunday 17th July 2022.

211203 Potting Shed Conversion

A New Life For The Garden's Buildings

Date 24 February 2022

St Andrews Botanic Garden this week unveils plans to create new spaces for education, research and community in the heart of the Garden as part of the ongoing works to refresh the Garden’s plant collections and buildings.

Community Plants New Woodland 1

Community Plants New Woodland

Date 23 February 2022

In honour of the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, The St Andrews Forest, Meadows in the Making and the St Andrews Botanic Garden teams came together to host a three-day tree planting marathon.

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Green Hay Day - How To Make A Meadow

Date 22 February 2022

Developing our meadows and enriching our green spaces in St Andrews is the aim of the Meadows in the Making project – and that is exactly what our volunteers have been doing learn more in this blog posting.