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About Us

About Us

The Garden has developed a plant collection of national importance, with approximately 8,000 species of plants representing biomes around the world. In particular, the Garden is known for its spectacular collections of alpine plants in our rock garden and alpine house, and for wide range of species in the genera Sorbus s.l., Rhododendron and Berberis.

Our collection is managed using Iris BG database and the Garden is an active member of BGC.

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Learn more about our activities at the St Andrews Botanic Garden by reading our Garden Journal blog.

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If you would like to join our growing team, please visit our jobs page for more information.

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There are many ways to support us and our work.

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Read more about our future events at the St Andrews Botanic Garden.

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Browse our galleries of image of the Botanic Garden take by our visitors, volunteers and staff.

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We have various ongoing projects in areas including research, conversation, tangled bank and "Meadows in the Making".

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Visit our shop during and find our traditional and exclusive collection of local products.

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Friends Memberships

The Friends of St Andrews Botanic Garden are an important part of our community.

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The Garden runs an active volunteer programme and is grateful for all of the work by the many people who support us.

If you would like to know more about the collection, please contact