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Bioscope Launch & Art Screening

Date: 30 June 2023 (17:30-20:00)

Join us to celebrate the launch of the Bioscope Pavilion and meet some of the team behind this exciting collaborative project!

Enjoy a special screening of work by our Artist in Residence Emma Varley - along with refreshments from St Andrews Wine Company in the early evening sunshine!

  • 17:30: Welcome Drinks
  • 18:15: In Conversation – Exploring the Connections between AI, art and evolution
  • 19:15-20:00: Drop-in Bioscope Screenings of 'Unseen Worlds - Fertile Ground'
The Bioscope is an exciting new feature at St Andrews Botanic Garden, blending nature and technology. Designed by Marcos Cruz and Brenda Parker from the Bartlett School of Architecture, the Bioscope is alive with microscopic biodiversity.
It will host time-based media developed by Fife Contemporary's Artist in Residence Emma Varley, which explores our understanding of what is natural and what is synthetic through AI generated images of elaborately constructed forms of plant life.

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