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Tropical Mangroves: Alan Watson Featherstone

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Date 2 March 2021

Mangroves are a group of different species of trees and shrubs that have evolved to flourish in the intertidal zone on sheltered tropical coastlines. Known collectively as mangrove forests, the species within them have developed a unique set of attributes to live in the challenging conditions where they occur. Mangroves fulfil many important ecological functions and act as a nursery for much marine life, but are under threat today from human activities. Based on over 30 years experience of visiting mangrove forests around the world, this talk will reveal the remarkable beauty, diversity and significance of these ecosystems that form the interface of land and sea in the tropics.

Alan Watson Featherstone is an ecologist, nature photographer and public speaker who founded the Scottish conservation charity Trees for Life in 1986. During his 30 years as its driving force, it became the leading organization working to restore the Caledonian Forest, planting over 1.5 million nature trees and engaging thousands of volunteers in its work. Alan’s TedX talk about this has been viewed by almost half a million people, and has given talks and presentations in over 25 countries around the world. Alan has travelled extensively to photograph the trees and forests all over the planet, particularly those at risk, and has had a fascination with mangrove forests for many years.

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