Warm Temperate Section

Within this plant rich area a mixture of attractive plants are grown for their foliage and flowers with something in flower throughout the year. There are many attractive climbers that include Petraea volubilis, Solanum wendlandii and Passiflora.  Here you will also find economically important plants of the world such as olive, pomegranate, and coffee.

Cool Temperate

The cool temperate glasshouse showcases unusual plants from Australasia such as the unusual conifer Phyllocladus trichomanoides from New Zealand and species of Callistemon, Correa, Hakea, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, and Pomaderris.  Jasminium polyanthum flowers well into the winter months and fills the house with an inviting sweet scent as you step through the door. Myrtus ugni fruits in summer known as Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit. A display of bulbs, which are mostly from South Africa provide seasonal interest which include Hypoxis, Eucomis and Gladiolus. Semele androgyne from the Canary Islands, is another unusual plant found growing here.

Large Temperate House

This large glasshouse was originally built with grants from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. Today the glasshouse is composed of mainly south-east Asian plants, a region well known for its wealth of plants and biodiversity. The attractive house displays winter and spring-flowering species of Camellia and Rhododendrons. They are all very floriferous and highly scented. There is a small pond and cascading waterfall which makes a perfect photo opportunity for you.