Help Develop Projects

St Andrews Botanic Garden is at a point of change: over the past three years we have embarked on a programme of investment in the team and the Garden’s infrastructure as part of a mission shift that addresses pressing ecological and social challenges. With the preliminary phase in place and work beginning on a strategic plan for the future, we are developing three projects that will enable the Botanic Garden to make the next steps in its growth.

Garden nursery

The plants we grow in the nursery are a cornerstone of what we do: the result of thought, care and imagination, and a part of the Garden that goes into gardens and communities and make a real difference.

We started work on the polytunnels and glasshouses in 2021 to see how we could grow plants more sustainably and since then have seen the plant nursery become a unique way of developing essential horticultural and ecological skills in our staff, interns, volunteers and students.

Our team and the interest in the nursery as a place for skills development and sharing high quality plants are growing, our next steps will be to develop plans and fundraise for a new workshop and propagation spaces where we can not only grow the business but offer life changing educational and volunteering programmes.

Tangled Bank

The Tangled Bank programme is focussed on better understanding how plants are rapidly adjusting to a changing climate and human disturbance. By building networks of botanic gardens and ecologists, we are placing better evidence in the hands of land managers so that they can make the decisions that will make a difference for generations to come.

The first phases of the programme are being funded by St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust, during which time we are building the database architecture,  developing the research protocols and identifying the first sites that will become part of the network. To launch the programme in Spring 2025, we are fundraising to build the team’s capacity to conduct the fieldwork in Summer 2025 and beyond. Please get in touch if you would like to suggest a site that could become part of the network, would like to participate or to hear more.

Widening Access

Our Widening Access programme has made a real difference to peoples’ lives, but this is just the start. Over the past three years we have running pilot projects to find out where our support can be most effective, whether it is simply making it possible for people to spend time finding peace in the Garden or providing lunches for Holiday Clubs, or through structured programmes that help bring people together or learn new skills, we are learning more and more about how to create welcoming and inspiring experiences people who need them most.

One of our strategic aims over the next five years will be to build on these early stages and develop the Widening Access programme by creating the spaces and people time to make this a sustainable, growing programme. Please get in touch with our Engagement Team if you work with a community group that could benefit from the spending time in the Garden or would like to hear more about the Widening Access programme.