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Our learning experiences are designed around the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, providing practical outdoor activities and access to experiences you can’t do in the classroom.

What our Visits and Experiences Involve

Our school programme runs on weekdays during term time.

During a standard school visit, students can enjoy a one-hour facilitated workshop, access to a reserved sheltered lunch area, and time to explore the Garden for £5 per pupil.

Additionally, we provide options for self-led visits at £3 per pupil, which includes the use of a reserved sheltered lunch area. Alternatively, there is a free option for self-led visits without access to a reserved sheltered lunch area.

Please note much of your visit will take place outside so we recommend your pupils dress for the Scottish weather.

Campfire Optional Extra

Optional extra: You can upgrade your school visit with an optional campfire experience, which will get your class safely chopping wood, lighting fires and toasting marshmallows (Additional £60).

Travel Funding

To celebrate British Science Week, up to £300 towards the cost of transport is available per visit in March, thanks to the New Park Educational Trust. Please contact us to find out if your class is eligible for this funding.

Booking Information

Please contact us by e-mailing

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Plant Protectors

Learners will delve into the diverse job roles dedicated to nature conservation! Presented by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and St Andrews Botanic Garden.


Pond Dipping and Minibeast Hunts

Learners will explore the rich diversity of living things and develop an understanding of how these organisms are interrelated.


Food Webs

Learners will explore the interactions and energy flow between plants and animals with learners developing their understanding.


Growing Plants

Learners will investigate the factors affecting plant growth, leafing through the basics of plant parts and investigating what a plant needs to grow!

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