Solanum sisymbriifolium by Bob Mitchell - Part 1 of 2 

Our plant is featured in the Solanaceae bed of the Order Beds – plant families arranged in evolutionary sequence according to Cronquist and Takhtajan.  This arrangement has been superseded now through DNA research but the Trustees have agreed to keep this as a historical feature. The Garden has been very active here to enhance the display with brightly coloured tender species and annuals.

Cultivation: In the UK Solanum sisymbriifolium is treated as an annual and as such provides flower all summer when planted out.  It will grow on a wide range of soils and best in a sunny position.

Propagation:  Is by seed sown in the early spring indoors and then te young plants hardened off before planting.

PositionSolanum sisymbriifolium is growing in the Order Beds (plant families) in the Solanaceae border which is located centre north in the triangle of beds.  GRID H5


References for Parts 1 and 2 

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Check back soon for Part 2!