February 2019

Since the new year we have been busy putting together our crop plans for the Urban Farm and the community vegetable garden. This year we will be growing a wide range of crops with around 50 different types of vegetables, which will allow us to deliver a wide range of learning experiences, as well as a varied diet!

We have just about finished our sowing and planting schedule and we are particularly excited about the planting plan we have produced for this years Ornamental Potager for the Kernel’s Community Garden. It is a fun mixture of vegetables and flowers aimed at encouraging pollinators and adding some more informal beauty to the growing space, to complement the highly regimented and productive Kernel Farm plantings.

We have also welcomed a delivery of the long-awaited double polytunnel, to be put up shortly.  With our first sowings already done earlier in February, it is going to be a very busy and exciting time over the next few months.

If you can spare some time to volunteer at one of our open sessions, we would very much appreciate the help! For more details contact [email protected]