Dombeya wallichii by Bob Mitchell – Part 3 of 3


The genus Dombeya was established by Antonio Jose Cavanilles (1745-1804) with Dombeya acutangula in Diss. Bot. 3: 123, t. 38, f. 2 (1787).  Cavanilles was a French priest and botanist who later became Director of the Royal Botanic Garden in Madrid and Professor of Botany.  Botanically Dombeya has been moved from the family Sterculiaceae to Malvaceae through the APG research.  There are over 250 species found wild in central and southeast Africa and Madagascar.

Dombeya wallichii is native to Madagascar and was first named by John Lindley (1799-1865) as Astrapaea and as such appears in Curtis’ Botanical Magazine 51: t 2503 (1824).  It is named for Nathaniel Wallich  (1786-1854) who was much involved with the Calcutta Botanic Garden; the flora of Nepal and whose herbarium is lodged at Kew.  The official name is now Dombeya wallichii (Lindley) K. Schumann.  It was validly described by Karl Schumann (1851-1904), German botanist and Curator of Berlin-Dahlem Botanic Garden in Nat. Pflanzenfam. 3(6): 78 in 1890.


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