Dombeya wallichii, by Bob Mitchell – Part 1 of 3


CultivationDombeya needs warm, moist conditions to flourish.

Propagation:  Is by summer cuttings or by seed.

PositionDombeya wallichii is growing in the west border at the north section of the Display Glasshouse.  Grid: H8.


Some of the Dombeya species are used for their fibre and others in paper making.  Most are decorative, winter-flowering trees and shrubs for warm and tropical regions.  They are related to cocoa - Theobroma cacao and the hardy, small tree Fremontodendron californicum.   Dombeya wallichii is a small tree with large, broadly ovate, downy leaves and with dense, tight clusters of pendulous flowers situated below the leaves.  The individual, five-petalled, pink flowers have been likened to hollyhock.  These clusters flower in succession from December to March.

Funchal Botanic Garden in Madeira features several species.


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