Garden Walk With a Focus - Thursday 5th December 2019, written by Jean Stewart

A different approach this month, involving all staff. Participants were led by Beccy, June and Jean to one of the three 'stations' and then taken to the other two in rotation.

In the potting shed:

   - Lesley and Moira demonstrated re-potting of orchids, and

   - Judith and Sarah demonstrated sharpening and routine maintenance of secateurs.

By the compost bays, Peter and David demonstrated compost-making, on a big scale.

All staff then joined participants for seasonal refreshments in the Glass Class and a very welcome hot drink.

This was a most enjoyable and interesting afternoon behind the scenes, and it was good to have lots of staff involved. The formula seemed to work well and we are planning to try a similar exercise, possibly at a different time of year. Thanks to all staff who participated with enthusiasm.